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In an increasingly competitive world, financial institutions and organizations must leverage efficiency and optimize productivity to stay ahead. This is especially challenging with the regulations and compliance mandates that we all have to observe. That’s why CUtopia reached an agreement with Alternative Computing Environments (ACE) to acquire the company and the ACE Automation, Integration & Reconciliation Suite. ACE provides a variety of tools and utilities to help credit unions perform more efficiently.

Created with significant input from credit unions and other financial institutions, these programs provide time saving solutions for necessary recurring functions.

Our suite of programs is used by more than 70 credit unions and has established interfaces to many core data processors. Geared toward reducing the headache of manual research, these tools will increase the time you can spend on more beneficial efforts, such as member service, business development and growing your investment portfolio.

Investment Tracking


This is a full featured Investment Portfolio management system that includes sophisticated features to support all investment types. It includes the ability to generate NCUA reports, integrated graphing, custom report writing, general ledger and ALM program updating and Rule 703 and SFAS 155 reports.
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This program is used to track and reconcile corporate checking account activity. Multiple accounts, institutions and data formats are supported. Easily adapts to load statements, reports or new file formats.
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Corporate Account, Check and GL Reconciliation


ATM Reconciliation / ATM Compare


This automation tool identifies un-posted or duplicate transactions, eliminates the need to print large ATM reports and captures GL entries from ATM reports. It enables the user to search for and review ATM transactions quickly and easily.
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This program processes a Negative Balance Report from the data processing system against the program’s integrated data file. It includes an easy to create aging report, automated loading of account information and an extract for adding reports to the charge off program.
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Negative Share Balance Tracking


Charge-Off Tracking


This program provides a full database for tracking Charged off loans, Credit Cards or closed Share accounts with a negative balance. It supports an unlimited number of members, accounts and history. Optional features include automatic updating of accounts from reports, spreadsheets or data feeds.
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This program is used to report accounts, checks or safe deposit box contents to the State in the NAUPA file format. The program can create notices and labels for the records in the database.

Escheat Reporting


CO-OP Report Manager


This automation utility extracts CO-OP network reports and stores them as prescribed by the user. With just four mouse clicks the user runs the program, deletes outdated files, unzips all of the files received since the last processing run and opens Windows Explorer to the location of the extracted reports.

This reporting tool automates the process of identifying persons or accounts with high risk potential or an indication of suspicious activity. The program can merge and analyze activity data from different data sources. Specific criteria can be entered in by the credit union, tailoring how the report is run.

BSA Reporting


Safe Deposit Box Tracking


Maintain and track your safe deposit box information and inventory. This utility can be integrated into your general ledger for easy billing and fee generation and it supports multiple branch locations.
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