BSA Reporting


The program is designed to automate the process of identifying persons or accounts with activity meeting specific criteria in an effort to identify high risk and potentially suspicious activity. This application takes the process of manually reviewing transaction reports further by automating the process of loading the data into a custom database and producing reports of the accounts or persons meeting specific criteria which are tailored by the credit union.

There are two main data elements that need to be loaded to produce the reports. These are the types of transactions to be analyzed for the time period to include cash, wires ACH and ATMS, and a database of accounts and related TAX ID numbers. The report(s) with the daily transactions and account / TAX ID information vary by Core processor. However the process is the same with each required activity report being scanned and the transactions loaded into a temporary dataset then aggregated to reduce the number of items in the dataset to one record for each account number and transaction code for the date of the report.

Analysis and reporting

The client initiates the analysis and reporting phase using a parameter screen to set the start and end date of the activity to analyze, specific threshold values for the total activity on a day and over the selected time period. The program then scans through the member data and produces a number of reports with the accounts listed that meet the reports criteria. Once and account is put on a report it is not listed on any other reports to eliminate redundancy and reduce the report size.

All of the accounts identified as suspicious can be output as a pipe delimited file for loading into a spreadsheet. This file has an indicator for each of the reporting criteria that the account matched.

After the account reports are produced the same process is done and another set of reports is written based on the activity on all accounts related to a persons TAX ID number.

The list of suspicious accounts and persons can then be output as a TAB delimited file for easy access via Excel in a spreadsheet format. This file includes Account number, Name, TAXID, the process account scan or member scan and the reports that the account or person was reported on.

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