Charge-Off Tracking


There are two programs available for Negative Balance Share accounts and Charged off account tracking.

The second program provides a full database for tracking Charged off loans, Credit Cards or closed Share accounts with a negative balance. The data is organized in the same manner as most Core Systems. There are Account records and separate data for the member or related (non member) information. These are related using an owner / joint owner relationship record. Additional information in the form of collector notes can be maintained for each member/account (visible on both screens). Each account includes the asset GL number for easy transaction posting and balancing.

The main screen of the program provides the look up account / member capability for all users.

Optional interfaces automatically add new members and accounts from reports, spreadsheets or data feeds.

The program is normally installed on a network with one user having update access at a time but an unlimited number of additional users with inquiry capability from the data files.

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