CUtopia Customer Service – Going Above and Beyond

CUtopia wants you to grow. That’s why we have the right core data processing solution for your credit union, and the services to ensure you are able to fully leverage our technology. We deliver tremendous value through our professional services offerings so you can do everything from ensuring you are fully compliant with federal guidelines to building a striking website. With CUtopia, you’ll always get more than you expect.

Here are a few examples:


CUtopia Compliance Services

Compliance is a mission-critical part of your organization, and we take it just as seriously as you do. That’s why we offer a full range of compliance services as part of our professional services including services to combat fraud and identity theft, one of the most devastating breaches to both your members as well as your institution.

Compliance Service to Combat Identity Theft

To comply with the recent enactment of the FACTA Identity Theft Red Flag guidelines, CUtopia has developed a comprehensive program to ensure your institution avoids thousands of dollars in fines and penalties, as well as limits member exposure to identity theft.

Through our 4-step program, we will provide the expertise to:

1. Assess risks, pinpointing red flags—Using our compliance software, our team of compliance experts will walk you through an extensive risk assessment.

3. Maintain your compliance—Our team will conduct periodic staff training webinars to educate your staff on your Red Flag policies and procedures to help ensure ongoing compliance.

These and other CUtopia compliance services will give you the peace of mind to confidently maneuver through the complex, rough waters of government regulation.

The CUtopia Customer Service Experience

Call and Visit Programs

CUtopia delivers a level of attention and service almost unheard of in the industry. While some credit unions never hear from their vendor after the sale, that’s not true with our clients. We immediately establish a two-way, ongoing communications strategy between CUtopia and every one of our credit union clients from day one.

For example, our Account Managers proactively train your team and work with your organization to answer any questions you may have, resolve any issues, pass along tips to enhance operational performance, explain new products and services and more. Additionally, we make it a practice to conduct an onsite visit with every client once a year, where members of our management team meet with your management team to provide an analysis of the year’s activities as they relate to our automation solutions, along with recommendations that provide tangible ways your credit union can further enhance its performance and reach its goals by using our solutions.


OSCAR, or “Online Service Center and Reports” is the service portal that our clients log into in order to manage their overall relationship with CUtopia. It allows your credit union to perform many high level management functions from one central location, such as managing member access, generating key performance and management dashboard reports, serving members and much more. Highly secure with hardware-based, two-factor authentication protocols, our clients find OSCAR to be an important, value-added management tool in the ongoing quest to stay in tune with the oversight and management of their institution. CUtopia Customer Service—Going Above and Beyond.

Website Services to Reach Your Members

WordPress and WordPress Training

CUtopia can help you craft the right look and feel to convey a solid image, while also providing you complete control over changing and updating your site content. WordPress is a flexible, easy to use development platform that ensures your web presence is current with mainstream sites.

Your web presence says a lot about your credit union. It sets the tone for what your institution stands for, and the type of service experience your members and prospects can expect.

WordPress is a website design tool that can help you craft the right look and feel to convey a solid image, while also providing you complete control over your site content, whenever you want to change it or update it. WordPress empowers your institution to update website content in real time through an extremely user-friendly tool. With its professional image libraries and flexible site layouts, your institution can build its own site without any programming expertise.

Website Hosting

CUtopia also offers website hosting services, providing your institution the convenience of a single point-of-contact for all your infrastructure requirements. We integrate your Internet banking, loan, credit card and membership applications, financial calculators and current dividend rates, seamlessly with all the latest credit union news to create a one-stop web portal for your members.

As a website hosting client, our compliance team will perform semi-annual website audits FREE of charge.

Custom Report Development

Utilize our skilled staff to provide your management team with the reports they need. Information is power and when illustrated with graphs, bar charts, and percentages, your team will know that your credit union is headed in the right direction. Whether you are evaluating data with your Board members like loan to asset ratios or meeting with your marketing manager to identify target markets to offer your newest products…CUtopia is here to help!

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