Eugenia Arington

CEO of Cochran County Schools Federal Credit Union

Eugenia Arington is the Manager and CEO of Cochran County Schools Federal Credit Union in Morton, Texas. With 8 years of experience as a Manager and CEO, Eugenia is well versed in meeting the needs of her nearly 700 members. It is her desire to assist her members, as well as others that led Eugenia to join our User Advisory Board. Already familiar with several OASys users, Eugenia is looking forward to the opportunity to work closely with other Worldwide clients and share ideas that will positively impact all of their members.

Eugenia grew up and later worked on Texas cotton farms before making the move to bookkeeping then later in to credit unions. Starting with Texas Boll Weevil, Eugenia soon transitioned to Cochran County Schools FCU, where she became the Manager and CEO in 2006. In her free time, Eugenia enjoys riding one of her motorcycles, either the Can Am Spyder, or her Yamaha V Star, on which she has traveled as far away as Yellowstone, Colorado and The Grand Canyon.

Eugenia admits that participating in the User Advisory Board is a bit outside of her comfort zone, but she’s looking forward to the chance to act as a liaison for Worldwide and our clients.

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