Investment Tracking

credit union investment trackingThis is a full featured credit union investment tracking and Portfolio management system. The program is available in three versions designed to meet the needs of credit unions with just a few CDs to a Large Diverse portfolio.

The first level is designed to support a CD only portfolio. Standard features include Supervisory Committee and Board Reports, the NCUA 5300 investment schedule and detail report, a GL Balance Sheet, a full suite of posted and pending transaction reports and Broker, Custodian and Issuer listings. The program can include Static or non-accrual investments, in the reports. All levels include the Maturity Distribution Screen, a Custom Report Writer, Standard and Custom Graphs, data extracts for auditors and importing into ALM programs and a direct update capability to CU/ALM-ware.

The second level has the processing capabilities for all types of investments and the reporting capabilities to meet rule 703 and SFAS 115 requirements. In addition to the reports available in the first level are the SFAS 115 book to market value report, a Rate Shock report, additional Supervisory Committee reports, and a GL Activity Report.

The third level adds import functions for updating current investment information like market values, ratings, rates and factors and posting payments plus an extract for posting GL transactions to you DP systems General Ledger.

The program features a simple to understand and easy to use design. The add investment screen provides access to all of the fields required when adding a new investment on one screen with tabbed access to the additional fields for more complex investments.

There are tools to simplify audits and examinations. The program features a Full Maintenance Audit Trail and history both maintenance and financial for the life of the investment. The program has custom Verification Letters, a Risk Asset report, an investment recalculation report to verify proper setup and a detailed investment report including history that can be run or extracted for any time period. Data can be extracted in a number of standard formats for the auditor or examiner.

Extracts are also available to move the investment portfolio information into many common ALM packages.

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