Establishing Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

CUtopia has long-standing relationships with organizations that provide complimentary services to our own. We’re always looking for opportunities to forge new partnerships and bring our clients added value. The way we see it, the more talent we assemble in one place, the more options there will be for our credit union clients and their members. Our diverse partnership offerings include integration to various financial programs through

our online banking products and our OASys Data Processing System, compliance consultation, statement printing, credit card services and more. As always, our goal is to provide you with trustworthy and affordable solutions to your operating needs and our partners feel the same way. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on these products and services.


Brick & Associates, Inc. provides Asset-Liability Management services to well over 650 credit unions. In the process of working with its credit union clients since 1987, trade associations, leagues, and federal and state examiners, Brick & Associates has acquired an in-depth perspective on credit unions, ALM strategies, strategic planning, the cooperative nature of these institutions, and the regulatory framework.


Card Assets serves as a credit card issuer to over 400 financial institutions across the United States. Utilizing an agent-style relationship, Card Assets is able to allow financial institutions and business organizations to issue branded consumer and small business credit cards. The company services over 80,000 credit card customers with approximately $105 million in outstanding balances.


Mele Printing is a corporate printer that can offer nearly any product or service imaginable to communicate with corporate clients, employees, stockholders and vendors. Of particular note, Mele provides statement printing services for many financial institutions and credit unions. Mele has full integration with the OASys statement output and can print and mail exceptionally fast.


MX is redefining the way financial institutions interact with account holders by developing technologies that enable and support a true omnichannel experience. As one of the fastest-growing financial technology providers, MX drives customer-centric banking relationships by integrating their award winning solutions directly into mobile, online and core banking platforms.


Founded by Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, My CU Services, LLC offers a wide variety of services to credit unions. These include, but aren’t limited to electronic bill pay, cash services, consulting and cooperative purchase programs. In particular, the Workplace Essentials program allows credit unions to purchase equipment and office supplies at a highly discounted price.


ProfitStars is a leading software, solution, and technology innovator. Offering unmatched expertise, support, and customer service, they strive to meet you at the cross-section of your business challenges with solutions that address your unique needs. Their people and their solutions power the performance of the largest financial institutions in the world to the smallest community institutions, in addition to a wide variety of businesses.


The SHAZAM Network was founded in 1976 and is one of the last remaining member owned and controlled electronic funds transfer (EFT) networks and processors in the industry. SHAZAM provides choice and flexibility to community financial institutions throughout the U.S. SHAZAM is a single-source provider of the following services: debit card, core, fraud, ATM, merchant, marketing, platform, risk and automated clearing house (ACH).


In an ever changing complex, global, legal and regulatory environment, VACO Risk Solutions offers consulting services to provide compliance and reduce risk of exposure. With greater emphasis on risk assessment they provide a team of independent consultants to asses existing risk assessments or undertake fresh assessments to ensure that risks are mitigated and the board and stakeholders is protected.

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