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As CUtopia's products and services have grown over the years, we have consistently looked to our users to guide us in the development of solutions that address real issues and provide tangible industry benefits. The UAB is an extension of this philosophy and brings together a group of seasoned industry experts that lend an active voice which contributes to the growth of our services.

The UAB currently consists of five seasoned credit union business leaders that are both active

users and have leveraged the functionality of CUtopia Solutions to help their credit unions to grow. Many in this group have played key roles adding new products and enhancing functionality to existing products. The UAB meets quarterly, helps provide input planning such events as our annual users conference and keeps us on top of industry regulations and activity that may impact our products.

The UAB is equally important to our growing user base, acting as both an advocate and liaison that

allows any user to offer new ideas, ask questions or get the inside scoop. This enhances the two way communications process that we deem critical to our success and creates a more transparent organization.

If you have an idea, question or concern, we invite you to contact us.

UAB Members

Mary Dunagan

President of the Texas Workforce Credit Union

Mary Dunagan is the President of the Texas Workforce Credit Union and has served in that position since October 1998. Before that, she served as a volunteer for the credit union from 1989 to 1993, then as Assistant Manager from 1993 to 1998. With her leadership, the credit union has grown from $1.5 million to $9.5 million with over 1,000 members... Read more

Lynne Kennedy

CEO of the Victoria Teachers Federal Credit Union

Lynne Kennedy has served as the CEO of Victoria Teachers Federal Credit Union since 2001. During this time, she has helped the organization grow from a small savings and loans institution to a 1,400 member full service financial organization with $15 million in assets. This growth has allowed the organization to purchase its own building.... Read more

Lucie Burkett

CEO/President of City of Deer Park Federal Credit Union

Lucie Burkett is the CEO of City of Deer Park Federal Credit Union in Deer Park, TX. Growing up just outside of Houston, Lucie moved to Deer Park in 1992 after joining the Deer Park Police Department as a Dispatcher. Lucie initially became involved with the City of Deer Park FCU when she joined the Board of Directors in 2006... Read more

Eugenia Arington

CEO of Cochran County Schools Federal Credit Union

Eugenia Arington, Manager and CEO of Cochran County Schools Federal Credit Union in Morton, Texas. With 8 years of experience as a Manager and CEO, Eugenia is well versed in meeting the needs of her nearly 700 members. It is her desire to assist her members, as well as others that led Eugenia to join our User Advisory Board... Read more

Sherrie Dermit

Manager of the Victoria City County Employees Federal Credit Union

Sherrie Dermit is the Manager of Victoria City County Employees Federal Credit Union in Victoria Texas. Born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico until she was 14, Sherrie’s family moved several times until settling in Victoria when she was 20. She has a long history with credit unions going back to childhood when... Read more

UAB Meeting Schedule

View schedule CUtopia is a division of Worldwide Interactive Services, LLC, a leading provider of technology solutions for more than 300 financial institutions nationwide. Since 1995, Worldwide Interactive has been delivering secure, robust and cost-effective automated solutions to banks and credit unions including Audio Response, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and most recently, its premier credit union core system, OASys. Our combination of advanced technology, low cost of ownership and passionate customer service creates an environment that helps clients remain competitive, improve service to their customers and members, maximize the automation of tasks and decrease operating expenses.
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