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Credit Union Internet Banking That Will “WOW” Your Members

Whether you launched your credit union internet banking platform at the turn of the millennium or you are seeking to switch providers for any number of reasons, iTeller has provided hundreds of credit unions and their members with a feature-rich, reliable, and secure internet banking solution for 20 years.

Integrated to most data processors, check processors, bill pay providers, and statement processing vendors, iTeller provides a centralized hub for your members to conduct most of their financial servicing needs. Whether applying for a loan or confirming their account history and balance, iTeller is intuitive for the newest virtual member yet sophisticated for members whose online expectations are based on the most visited sites like FaceBook, Travelocity and eBay.

After delivering 5 major revisions, iTeller is available in an off-the-shelf layout as well as a totally customizable platform using our Application Programming Interface (API).

From our electronic safe deposit box, eSafe, to our secure internal communication service, eMessage Center, you can select the right widgets to build your own internet banking offering. Best of all, you won’t need to manage any of the integration to your data processing vendor or any number of third party providers. Our API handles all of that for you, even if you convert to a different data processor!

Like all our eSuite products, iTeller can be delivered as a completely stand-alone service or bundled with one or both of our other eSuite solutions: mTeller (mobile banking) and vTeller (telephone banking). Leveraging existing data integration points and login credentials, your members can enjoy the convenience of using the same access id’s and passwords while your staff enjoys the operational efficiency of a single vendor.

If you are looking to decrease your IT costs and increase member satisfaction, let’s talk.

Customizable Interface

iteller Internet Banking - Customization

Your internet banking offering should be as unique as your credit union. With our Application Programming Interface (API) you can implement the features your members want while maintaining the security requirements your credit union requires. With experience using Java and HTML, you can design everything from the login process, the landing page, marketing banners and more.

Security is now a way of life and we want to help ensure we are a part of your team protecting your members data. With more consumers conducting their financial services via internet, mobile and phone, it’s important to know that security is part of your internet banking provider’s DNA. Out of channel authentication, log-in images and user notifications are only a few of the member-facing security features that help protect member data. Far below the surface, we employ proactive network monitoring, behavioral analytics and real time reporting to deliver something vitally important to your members in today’s digital world – peace of mind.

Innovative Security Features


Marketing and Branding Opportunities

iteller Internet Banking - Marketing

Marketing to today’s consumer is completely different than it was 5, 10 or 20 years ago. It will be different 5 years from now. Whether you want to introduce a new service or make a special announcement, iTeller’s integrated rotating banners caters to today’s consumer. Seamlessly integrated into the log-in section and landing page, your members will see your message. For even more effective messaging, iTeller can be delivered to specific members based on criteria you select.

Who do members trust more than their credit union? Another value added service to provide your members is our virtual safe deposit box, eSafe. Providing your members with extreme convenience, they can store their critical documents such as wills, deeds and birth certificates without fear of losing or exposing vital data. Documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world, such as a copy of a passport when traveling abroad. Housed on our servers, eSafe data accessibility is managed with real-time backups to our redundant sites.

eSafe (Electronic Safe Deposit Box)


eMessage Center

iteller Internet Banking - emessage

Communicating with members while they are using iTeller is easy with our secure eMessage feature. In addition to the convenience for both your members and your member service representatives, information being discussed resides within our hosted system rather than over the Internet, enabling members to talk freely with credit union staff about their accounts without fear of exposing critical data. Our advanced encryption capabilities add an even higher degree of safety and security.

A robust feature of iTeller, our Personal Finance Manager provides members with a handy budgeting tool to keep track of their expenditures and income. With maximum flexibility, members can sort their account information by category, type of expense, amount and much more, to take full control over their finances. iTeller also supports single sign-on (SSO) to multiple third party providers of PFM solutions.

Personal Finance Manager

iteller Internet Banking - Personal Finance Manager

EZApp (Online Loan Application)


With EZApp, your members can securely and easily apply for loans, credit cards and credit union membership from the comfort of their own homes. You can either create and customize your own application or use one of our application templates. Completed applications are accessible through our secure client log portal making it convenient and more secure than sending applications via email.

Through our electronic statement feature, you can deliver up to 12 months of member account statements online, minimizing mail delays and printing and postage costs, while helping members recognize the safety and security of these documents. Our eStatement feature will enable your credit union to save money, protect the environment and make your operations far more efficient by automating formerly time-intense and costly paper statement production.


iteller Internet Banking - estatements

Online Service Center and Reports

iteller Internet Banking - Integration

This powerful tool is our service portal where clients can log in and manage iTeller and their entire suite of CUtopia solutions. OSCAR allows your credit union to perform routine functions, such as managing member access and user profiles to C-level functions including member adoption reports, compliance and call report data all from one central location. User access to OSCAR ensures that staff members have access to the information and functions they have been assigned.

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